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The Myth About Bartending Certification

The Myth About Bartending Certification
Watch out for bartending training centers that offer certification. It doesn’t matter what they assert (and it doesn’t matter how hot the person behind the admission’s desk is...

Bartender Resumes – What Are Your Goals?

Bartender Resumes – What Are Your Goals?
With the economy the way it has been for the last few years and jobs in short supply, very few things are sure when it comes to employment. One good note is that no matter how bad things are, people...

Manhattan – Art of the Drink

Anthony heads down to Loretto, KY, and brings back a classic Maker’s Mark...

Absinthe – Art of the Drink

Always wanted to try absinthe? Anthony and Leah show you the traditional way to prepare the world’s most mysterious...

Margarita – Art of the Drink

Leah returns to learn the classic recipe for a top-shelf...

Fresh Sour – Art of the Drink

Anthony shows Leah how to make fresh Sour Mix for all kinds of...

Old Fashioned – Art of the Drink

Anthony visits Devin Tavern to enjoy their Bourbon-glazed prawns and fresh-fruit Old...

Rosie Lee – Art of the Drink

Award-winning bartender Charlotte Voisey joins Anthony at Daddy-O and makes her original rose-infused gin...

Daddy-O – Art of the Drink

Anthony and Charlotte return to Daddy-O and make their signature Bourbon...
Green Bartending

Green Bartending

I know it’s a good thing to pick up a piece of garbage, I have even been known to recycle a bottle or two. As a bartender, there are many great ways to make your bar a greener place, many of these ideas...
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The Myth About Bartending Certification